Here at Zip, we are committed to getting through these challenging times together and continuing to be your first payment choice. Zip has recently launched a ‘Shop Everywhere single use card’ which allows customers the flexibility to shop online and in more stores than ever!

We recognise the pressure and uncertainty that everyone may be feeling. If you need assistance with repayments or understanding how your account works have a look at these articles:

Having trouble making repayments.
How does Zip Pay work

Due to Covid-19 our merchants are facing uncertainty and pressure which could lead to shipping delays. Australian Post has been experiencing delays and we encourage you to read more here. 

If you are concerned about the delivery of your products please contact the merchant directly for an update. If it’s been longer than 14 days, please reach out to us for assistance here. 

All of us here in the Zip Family wish you all the best, please take care.