The minimum repayment required per month and their due date depend on which product you applied for.

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The minimum payment required each month is $40 (apart from the month of your first purchase). Here is a full overview.
The minimum monthly repayment is either a dollar figure (e.g. $80), or 2-3% of your balance owing - whichever is greater. The amount depends on your credit limit and is outlined in the contract. Here is a full overview.
Your payments are due by the end of the month (apart from the month of your first purchase).
Your payment due date typically falls on the day of the month on which you accepted your contract.

You can choose to pay a higher amount if you wish to pay off your balance sooner, or make additional payments (using card or BPay) along the way without any penalties.

You choose to pay this back however you like (as long as you pay the minimum monthly repayment) by setting up weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments to suit your lifestyle through your Zip account and change this at any time. Please make sure to have a look at our fees and charges.

Important: when making an additional payment to your account, your scheduled repayment will still run if you have a balance owing.