If you'd like to obtain a refund on a Zip purchase, you'll need to contact the retailer directly and follow their normal refunds process (Please note that this does not apply to gift cards under the terms and conditions of purchase).

If you return goods to a retailer and they agree to a refund, your Zip account will be credited with the agreed refund amount. The funds will then be put towards any balance currently owing on your account.

If the refund amount puts your account into credit - or if you've overpaid your account and would like the funds returned to you - please contact our Customer Care team to arrange this, and provide your BSB and Account Number. Alternatively, you can choose to leave your account in credit and use the funds for your next purchase.

Please note: When a refund is applied to your account, the refund amount will not include any fees you may have been charged while paying off your purchase (e.g. monthly account fees or late payment fees)
*Some products, such as Gift Cards, are not refundable and you should refer to the terms and conditions of each purchase.*