Below is an overview of all fees and charges for Zip Biz. 

Establishment Fee
$50 once-off
Extension Fee2.5% of the Closing Balance, should you activate the Extension Option
Late Fee*1% of your Account Balance

Fees we are not charging:

  • No interest
  • No annual fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No paper statement fees
  • No account closure fees
  • No credit limit increase fees and 
  • No other hidden fees!
Good to know: Each month you can elect to pay the Statement Balance in full (for no fees), or at least 1/3rd and activate the Extension Option. If choosing to extend you will have another month to repay and the Extension Fee will be added to your account.  

*Late Fees Explained
If the Minimum Repayment Amount (shown on your Zip contract) is not paid within 15 days after the Due Date a late fee will be added to the account. 

That’s it!