Zip Pay

Monthly account keeping fee:

Your Zip Pay account has a monthly account servicing fee of $6.00 when you have an outstanding balance at the beginning of the month.
However, this fee is not charged until the end of the month after the month in which you make the purchase.
For example, if you purchase something on the 15th of June, your first monthly fee is not charged until the end of July for that purchase.
As such, you have until the end of the month after you make the purchase to pay it off in full without incurring any fees whatsoever.
When you have a $0 balance your account remains active (with no fees) until you may wish to shop again withZip Pay.

Zip Money

Monthly account keeping fee:

As part of the finance, we may charge a monthly service fee when there is an outstanding balance. The fee charged to your account is $6.00 per month on the first day of each month and charged in-line with the terms and conditions of your finance.

Establishment Fee:
Depending on which credit limit you apply for, there may be a one-off establishment fee (starting from $25) for setting up the account. However, with some merchants there is no establishment fee at all, so please double-check with the store you wish to purchase with.


An interest charge is a different account expense, which is only applied to the remaining amount of the order after the interest-free period has expired.
If you were looking for a greater interest-free period on your Zip Money purchase you would have to contact the partner you were looking to shop with first.
The interest rate on new accounts is set at 19.9%, however, this is an annual rate that is calculated daily and charged to the account at the end of the month.

Other Charges:

On both accounts, late fees will be applied 21 days after a contractual amount is missed. The fee is $5 for Zip Pay and $15 for Zip Money.
Dishonor fees may also be charged to Zip Money accounts where a bank payment is rejected. The fee is $10.

Key Differences:

In-Store and OnlineYesYes
Repayment Amount
$40 for credit limits of up to $1000 (Unless the owing balance is less)Starting from $40 depending on your credit limit. Please note that the amount might be higher if a certain percentage of your balance owing is greater than the dollar value.  

The appropriate repayment amount for your credit limit is displayed
in your contract.
Credit Limits Available$350,
Above $1000
(Apply through a merchant for accounts greater than $5000)
InterestNever0% interest for 3 months, Promotional offers 6-48 months; 19.9% p.a after your interest-free period expires
Pay Your Bills With ZipAvailableAvailable
Direct Debit Payment methodEither Credit or Debit Card.Debit Cards or BSB and Account number.