Below is an overview of all fees and charges for both our Zip products. For differences around the two products please check out this article. 

InterestNeverYes (19.9% p.a) only after your interest-free period expires
Monthly Fee$6; waived if you have no balance$6; waived if you have no balance
Establishment Fee$0$0 - $299
(depending on your credit limit)
Late Fee*$5$15
Dishonor Fee**$0$5
Pay Your Bills With Zip1.50% Processing Fee (When paying Bills with Zip)1.50% Processing Fee (When paying Bills with Zip)

Fees we are not charging:

  • No annual fees
  • No paper statement fees
  • No payment processing fees
  • No account closure fees
  • No credit limit increase fees and 
  • No other hidden fees!
Good to know: All Zip Money purchases come with a minimum 3 month interest free period, however, most partners offer much longer interest free terms!

*Late Fees Explained
If the Minimum Repayment Amount (shown on your Zip contract) is not paid within 21 days after the Due Date a late fee will be added to the account.

**Dishonor Fees Explained
A bank dishonour fee may be applied if a scheduled payment was rejected/ dishonoured by the bank due to insufficient funds or incorrect bank account details. This charge covers the costs incurred by our bank.

That’s it!