Why do you need my internet banking details?

Your internet banking statements allow us to confirm the validity of the information you provided in your application. Zip employs industry standard and bank-level SSL encryption technology as well as a world-class firewall service to secure our user's data. We do not see or store your credentials and receive 'read-only' summary information of your recent transactions. This process is now used by ANZ, PayPal, HSBC, and many others.

We do understand that not everyone is comfortable with this process and there is an alternate option. Directly below the bank verification step, there is an 'upload' option, where you can upload your bank statements directly onto the application form. Please see below for our upload requirements.

What if I don't have internet banking?

If you do not have internet banking, we require that you upload your most recent 3 months worth of bank statements directly onto the application form. In order to access an online copy of your bank statements, you will need to contact your bank and get them to email you the appropriate statements. Please see below for our upload requirements.

Upload Requirements

Firstly, you will need to apply on a computer (not tablet or mobile), for you to be able to upload a copy of your bank statements directly onto the application form. For this to be sufficient, we require:

  1. PDF Format - Your statements must be in PDF format, with the entire statement in one file, rather than page-by-page. You can upload up to 3 documents - i.e. one for each month if required.
  2. Most Recent Statements - Your statements must at least show the most recent 3 months worth of data. If this is not possible, we require customers to complete the internet banking step.
  3. Official Format - The official statements you provide must include; the bank letterhead, your full name, address, transaction data, and running balance.
  4. Everyday Account - Please ensure the statements are for your everyday account and illustrate your regular income and expenses. If you have multiple accounts, it's handy to provide recent statements from all of them so we can see your internal transfers.

Unfortunately, if your upload does not satisfy these conditions, it is very difficult for the credit team to complete a timely assessment of your application. As such, if you are in-store, we request that you complete the internet banking step to avoid these issues.

If you have any issues or require some assistance throughout the process, please don't hesitate to Contact Us here - we are more than happy to assist!