Zip Money uses information related to your bank account to make an instant lending decision, by verifying the information you told us is correct such as your income, rent or mortgage payments. Traditionally this meant having to provide copies of pay-slip, bank statements, and ID, and it takes days to get a response.

By using Zip's Instant Verification Service we reduce the burden on you and reduce the time it takes for us to give you a decision to only seconds!

Zip's Instant Verification Service is powered by, the Australian leader in automated bank statement data retrieval. Since 2013 has provided secure, automated data retrieval services to over a quarter of a million Australians as part of their credit applications.

How do I know that my internet banking will remain secure?
We take security very seriously and use the same encryption that our Australian banks employ. Your user ID and password are encrypted when you enter it and is securely passed to your bank once to gain ‘read only’ access to your transaction history and then permanently deleted.

Do you store my bank login information on your servers?
No. Your login information is passed securely to your bank to gain ‘read only’ access to your transaction history and then permanently deleted. Your login information is never displayed anywhere or accessed by human eyes.

Why do I need to provide my bank login information (username, password, security questions)?
In order to access this information, it is required that you provide your username, password, and any security questions associated with your online banking account.

What does zip look for in my transaction information?
When we analyze your transaction information, we’re trying to verify that what you told us in the application is true and correct. As a responsible lender, we look to make sure your income or salary, and rent or mortgage payments looks spot on. We also check to make sure you can afford the monthly repayments of a zipMoney account. These are the same things we calculated using your pay-slip and bank statements in the past, but now it is a much faster and easier process.

Who is 'BankStatements', the technology platform used to access my banking institution? is an Australian leader in the provision of secure online banking and financial management solutions. They provide services to over 125 lenders and broker groups in Australia and have processed over 250,000 bank statement retrievals for Australian consumers and businesses.

An important part of their service is to assist credit providers like zipMoney to comply with their legal obligations by proving safe, secure and automated bank statement verification. This service does not ever store banking credentials and utilises servers only in Australia – no customer data is ever sent overseas.

Can zipMoney use my login information to access my bank accounts to make any transactions?
No. zipMoney has a strictly “read-only” view of your transaction information that does not allow us to move your money or touch it in any way. While your username and password are initially used to log into your account and download your transactions, they are not saved in our database. We can only view your data, we cannot attempt to initiate a transaction.

Where can I find out more about the technology that protects my information?
You can find the important information in our Privacy Policy.