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My Limit.

When customers are successful, they are given a limit of $350, $500 or $1000 (the maximum Zip Pay limit).

Can I get a credit limit Increase?

Customers with an awesome history of account activity and successful repayments may be eligible to request an account limit increase. Head to 'Account Limit Increase' in the top menu in your wallet to find out if you are eligible to apply for an increase. 18_55_54-Product Flash - CLI - Word-Dsg.png

In the Mobile app

  1. Sign in and select your Zip pay account
  2. Click the top right corner (as shown below)
  3. Click the 'Account limit increase' option (as shown below)

We are unfortunately not able to process requests for a limit increase via phone or email so please refer to your wallet/app for direction.

What if I am not eligible for a limit increase?

We evaluate and monitor accounts on a monthly basis so keep using your account and making repayments on time. This will help us assess your eligibility to enable the 'Account Limit Increase Request' feature and any other new features.

Can I get a second account instead?

No. We only allow one account per customer. An attempt to get the second account could cause issues with your existing account.

The good news is that we offer an account for larger purchases called Zip Money.

Can I apply for a Zip Money account of between $1,000 and $5,000?

Yes. You can apply for a Zip Money account and a larger limit to purchase interest-free at over 6,000 Zip Money and Zip Pay stores. Please note that every application is assessed on its merits and your application is still subject to approval.

Credit Limit Decrease
 If you were looking to decrease your available funds, please Contact Us and we can action that for you immediately.


Order slightly larger than your limit? Click here if  your purchase amount is above your credit limit.