I haven't received my gift card!

  • No worries. In rare occasions it can take up to 30 mins for the gift card to hit your inbox. Please make sure you check your spam / junk folder, it can end up in there. 
  • The gift cards are sent to your email associated with your zip account. If you don't have access to that account anymore and the card is unused, please get in touch and we can change the email address and resend the card. 
  • If the email or SMS was blank or missed the link to the gift card - please do get in touch as well. 

I am at a store and it doesn't work.

  • Please make sure you have checked the T&Cs of the gift card.  Some cards are redeemable at participating stores only, and you can find a full list of those stores by checking the T&Cs.
  • Some cards can take up to 2 hours to get activated after purchase before they can be redeemed, dependent on the retailer. Not sure why, but our advice is to give it a bit of time between purchase and redeeming them.
  • Please brighten the screen on your smartphone to assist in scanning your bar-code. If optical scanners are not available, the cashier will be required to manually enter the code at checkout. The option to print out your digital gift card is also possible. Simply take a printout to the Retailer and present at checkout.

If you tick all of the above, and it still doesn't work please make sure to speak to in-store staff at the retailer. The gift cards are valid in 99.99% of the cases and customer service in store will b able to assist.