This article is applicable for Zip Money only

You may be eligible for a credit limit increase on your Zip Money account if you meet the following criteria:

  • You've made consistent repayments on your account for more than 6 months
  • Your account is up-to-date and not in arrears
  • You haven’t requested a credit limit increase in the last 6 months

If you meet the above criteria, you can apply for a credit limit increase. Here’s how:

To request an increase of up to $5000:

  1. Login to your Digital Wallet
  2. Click on ‘Account limit increase’ (on the left-hand side)
  3. Select the limit increase you’d like to apply for
  4. We'll be in touch with you shortly to advise if your request was successful.

In the Mobile app

  1. Sign into your Zip account and select your Zip Money account
  2. Click the top right corner (as shown below)
  3. Click the 'Account limit increase' option (as shown below)

To request an increase of over $5000:

  1. Please contact our Customer Care team directly to make your request.

Once you've submitted your request, our accounts team will review your application and contact you shortly to let you know if you're eligible for your requested limit increase. 

Credit Limit Decrease
If you were looking to decrease your available funds, please Contact Us and we can action that for you immediately.


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