We create simple, fair and transparent credit and payment solutions that improve lives every day. We allow people to own the things they love now, and pay later, interest-free.

Zip was founded in 2013 in Sydney with a mission to disrupt the unfriendly credit card market by providing consumers with a better, fairer, digital alternative.


  • Zip has almost 1.4 million customers across Australia and New Zealand.
  • We have done more than $1.6 billion in transactions since we started
  • We have more than 18,000 retail partners (from as large as Amazon, Bunnings, Target, Fantastic Furniture, to as small as Better Music, Yeti, Porte-à-Vie), who partnered with us and are offering Zip at checkout and many more.
  • Zip Co Limited (ASX: Z1P) is listed on the ASX, with over $1 billion market cap. 
  • We are independent, but we are backed by 2 of Australia's largest banks: Westpac and NAB.
  • We have an app, which is ranking in the top 10 finance & shopping apps in Australia
  • We won a ton of awards in the fin-tech space.

That's the gist of it. What we offer is 2 products, called Zip Money and Zip Pay. More can be found about them, here